After Say You Do (feat. Imani & DJ Fresh) was more DJ Fresh’s brand of drum and bass than Sigala’s brand of dance music, it’s great to see a new collaboration which sees the DJ return to basics. Give Me Your Love is another single filled with vibrant piano stabs, but this time it’s also with funky guitar strums and catchy vocals from John Newman.

We’ve already seen John Newman’s unique soul work wonders on both electronic and drum and bass tracks. Rudimental’s Feel the Love and Not Giving In were huge hits when they were released – as was Newman’s collaboration with Calvin Harris on a more hardcore dance track, Blame. Now, the Love Me Again singer is lending his vocals to a more funky style of house and with Nile Rodgers chipping in too, you can tell this song is going to be huge when it’s released in June.

On the whole, Give Me Your Love is a move in a positive direction for Sigala. The DJ is back to uplifting piano stabs which made me love his style of music in the first place, and in terms of his videos which accompany the singles, it’s great to see more dancing. As mentioned above, Say You Do felt out-of-place in terms of it being a bizarre mix of tropical house and drum and bass. The lack of dancing in the song’s music video also made his previous release fall flat in my opinion. Now, it’s great to see Sigala’s got his unique style back.

What do you think of Give Me Your Love? Did you like Say You Do? Comment below!