For a long time, Calvin Harris’s style of dance music has always involved a build-up to a euphoric beat drop filled with hazy electronic ‘white noise’. In a time where most dance fans are leaning towards tropical house and its many variants, Harris finally stripped down his tracks to offer more laid-back and chilled melodies. The shift worked well when it came to How Deep is Your Love (feat. Disciples) and now This Is What You Came For shows the Scottish DJ tapping in to the latest tropical house trend.


The last time Harris released a more chilled track was Thinking About You (feat. Ayah Marar), with more staccato, exotic synth. However, this time the main melody is wonderfully simplistic. There are pretty much no vocals and a consistent drum beat, but this focusses the listener’s attention on the instrumental aspect of the song at this point. Meanwhile, during the verses, the instrumental parts are quietened, which allows us to hear Rihanna’s vocals which are very different to her sound on We Found Love.

On the whole, it seems to be a positive change for Rihanna’s vocal style and Calvin Harris’ style of music. This Is What You Came For (feat. Rihanna) builds on the latest dance trend, showing how easy it is for the DJ to slightly change his music and to tap into today’s pop music culture. If this is a single to come from his new album, I do hope this exploration of more laid-back and relaxed dance music continues.

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