It’s not long now before tropical house DJ Kygo releases his debut album, Cloud Nine, on May 13. However, before that fans have been treated to three singles taken from the upcoming album. First it was Fragile, then it was Raging, and now I’m in Love is this week’s Musical Discovery.

The main thing I’ve grasped from these three single releases is that Cloud Nine seems to be an album where Kygo can demonstrate his various talents within his genre before assigning himself to something more concrete. For instance, Fragile was the tropical house ballad and Raging challenged the usual slow-tempo format of his previous hits. In terms of I’m in Love, this is a track which allows to Kygo to explore his talents with vocal distortion.

In my opinion, Kygo succeeded on that front – turning James Vincent McMorrow’s vocals into a more high-pitched feminine tone worked throughout most of the song. However, one thing that didn’t quite work was the whining ‘I’m in love’ which is repeated at the start of the song. It’s not the greatest introduction to a tropical house single, where the listener can only hear the vocals without any backing instruments. The opening is simplistic and bland, which is disappointing and dampens the track in some respects.

Despite this, the chorus is where I’m in Love really succeeds – a complex, off-beat drum rhythm combines with traditional, bouncy synth to make what would otherwise be a rather mellow song more colourful.

I must admit that I’m not a fan of this diversity in the album, but I’m still intrigued to hear Cloud Nine in full. In fact, I first said that I wasn’t a fan of Raging, however it is now growing on me. Plus, with Shazam revealing that Kygo has collaborated with Tom Odell, Jason Derulo, John Legend and Foxes and many more on his debut album, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

What do you think of I’m in Love? Is it better than the last two singles? Are you looking forward to Cloud Nine? Comment below!