Whilst deaf people feel united within a national and international deaf culture, everyone’s deafness is different. In my case, I only have a mild/moderate hearing loss, but other deaf people may have a ‘severe’ hearing loss or be profoundly deaf. However, it’s this idea that everyone in the deaf community is ‘completely’ deaf which has caused some hearing people to believe that we can’t listen to music. In my case, this is simply not true.

Being a deaf radio presenter just goes to show that deaf people can listen to music.
Being a deaf radio presenter just goes to show that deaf people can listen to music.

Towards the end of 2015, I was given the amazing opportunity to co-host a show on Lincoln’s community radio station, Siren FM, Of course, radio is an audio-based medium. As well as listening to songs that I could play on the programme, I have to listen to what my co-presenter says and edit recordings as well. On the whole, it is fair to say that my job as co-presenter definitely involves a lot of music and audio. Is that a problem for me in terms of my deafness? Well, aside from the occasional issue with editing, there is no issues at all.

I can’t hear song lyrics, but if anything, my deafness has made me appreciate music even more. It spurred me on to learn to play the drums to a Grade 8 standard and write music reviews on this very blog. Despite not hearing what the singer is saying most of the time, I can still hear the piano melodies, guitar riffs and drum beats that form a song. In my eyes, it’s these things which sell a song for me, regardless of the song’s words.

Whenever I want to listen to music, I can take out my hearing aids and use earphones, or use closed headphones which fit quite comfortably over my aids. I don’t have to turn up the volume either, which – as I mention in a recent YouTube video – is good news when it comes to protecting my hearing.

Basically, everyone’s deafness is different. With this being the last post in the series, I should end by saying that every deaf person faces different challenges in life, just like me.


P.S. This is the final post in my Deafinitely Challenging series. These six blog posts were created for a university assignment on blogging and I hope you found them interesting and insightful.