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Last week, I was contacted by Jacamo who are running a new campaign called Denim Dilemmas. Basically, they have written a series of blog posts exploring the constant struggle men face when it comes to buying a pair of jeans. They then asked me if I had any tips for fellow males who are finding it difficult to find ‘the one’, so naturally I said yes and thought I would deliver a humorous take on how to find the perfect pair of jeans.


First of all, I have never understood this fashion ‘trend’ (if it still is a trend). Surely jeans with holes in them give off a bad sense of quality? When you’re looking for the perfect pair, you’d want high-quality jeans which really show off your character. Granted, holes in jeans may imply certain things (that you wrestle bears in your spare time, or something), but it’s ruining a bad pair of jeans!


Perhaps I was being a bit hyperbolic when I say ‘debate’, but the decision as to whether to buy jeans with a fly or button is a tricky decision for most men. Do you wear jeans with a fly, and risk the day where you are spotted with them undone? Or do you spend ages in the toilet trying to button up your jeans like you’re threading string through a needle?

At the end of the day, it’s about convenience. It’s bizarre, but it has to come down to time. If you are desperate to use the lavatory, then you have to ask whether you’ll be able to tolerate unbuttoning countless buttons in order to do so. In comparison to a zip/fly, I think we know the winner here.


Following on from the convenience aspect of choosing zip or buttons on your jeans, a man must also consider jean pockets when on the search for the perfect pair.

With some jeans, there is the rather unnecessary mini-pocket – usually on the right pocket – which is only useful if you want to store an SD card in there. Also, some jeans pockets are so tight that it’s even more difficult than usual to take out your phone – what should be a simple movement turns out to be a 5-minute long shuffle in an attempt to pull out your iPhone without dropping it by accident.

So when searching for the right pair of jeans, having wide pockets is essential in order to keep hold of your phone, wallet and household keys. Otherwise, you’d take your wallet out and may end up dropping something else in the process – don’t make that mistake!


And finally… Men, we’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than the moment when our vocal range goes up by an octave because our trousers or jeans are too tight.

But then, you have a problem. Do you mess around with the sizing to get that right, or do you buy a fancy belt to go with the jeans? Either way, you then have the issue of remembering measurements and which notch you use on your belt. It’s all too much hassle for what essentially is just a pair of jeans.

Personally, as much as I’ve talked about finding ‘the one’ in terms of jeans, buying a belt which matches with your jeans is what I usually do – it’s just another thing us guys have to consider.

So, with all that in mind, I have to say that searching for the perfect pair of jeans sounds more confusing than I first thought. Whilst I tried – and probably failed – to give my best advice on finding ‘the one’, Jacamo have written a blog post sharing their tips on ‘the perfect pair’ on their website.

How do you go about finding your perfect pair of jeans? Comment below!


I was asked by Jacamo to write a post about finding the perfect pair of jeans in exchange for free Jacamo products. However, all opinions stated in this piece are honest and my own.


  1. Buttons every time! It does not catch on, scratch or snag especially when there are no underpants.

    Likes the low slung look with a good belt, rather than high slung one with belt across your belly button.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true, but it can be hard to thread the button through the hole on some occasions! As for high slung or low slung, it would have to be high slung otherwise I feel like my trousers are falling down!


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