This week has been a great one. For most of this week, I’ve had time to myself to get a few jobs done before I am off to university again on the 18th. So I’ve been working on articles, going to meetings and generally completing tasks I’ve been meaning to do for a while. But what was even more exciting, was that I went to Cambridge on Tuesday to meet Maeve from Thrift O’Clock!


For a long time, I’ve seen bloggers talk on Twitter about meeting up in real-life. I would often give it a look, but I was always deterred from getting involved. If it wasn’t the money or travelling side of things, then it was the fear of judgement. This blog is all about the written word, content which is edited to present the best version of ourselves (very much like vloggers on YouTube use editing to show themselves in the best light). Therefore, meeting someone in real life who only knows my online self was always a terrifying concept for me – they’ll see the unedited version of me, as it were. Also, since we’re bloggers who share almost all of our lives online, it’s a meeting where you know a lot about the other person. The funny thing is that they may not know that you know that information – if that makes sense?

However, last year was definitely a turning point in my life, where this anxiety faded. One aspect in my life which caused this was my journalism course at the University of Lincoln. Since I started studying there in September last year, the opportunities I have been presented with required me to try new things and go outside of my comfort zone (for example, a common activity was to actually go out on the high street and interview shoppers about local issues). The whole idea of a journalist being able to approach anyone and start a conversation is a key skill – so I shouldn’t really be shying from going to a blogger meet-up, surely?

The other thing in my life which encouraged me to meet new people (which is actually one of my new year’s resolutions) was being more actively involved in the blogging community. I was involved in more and more Twitter chats and interacted with more of my ‘blogger friends’. Over the course of 2015, I met Maeve and when she said that she was coming over from Ireland to Cambridge for a couple of days, and asked if we wanted to meet-up, I of course said yes – it was an amazing opportunity to meet a good friend who I’d been talking to online for almost a year.

We agreed to meet on the Tuesday in a Costa Coffee in town. After I, rather embarrassingly, went to the wrong Costa Coffee in Cambridge (great first impression, Liam), I met Maeve in a Costa and spent a few hours talking about different things: blogging, and our usual go-to topic of cake. Whilst talking, I had moments where I realised that someone who I had only previously interacted with through a screen, was talking to me in real life. It was very much like when I met my university flatmates for the first time, where I thought: ‘No, you belong on Facebook and Twitter. You’re just icons on my phone’s screens. Wait, what?

But nevertheless, it was wonderful to meet Maeve. I was super excited (sorry about that) and I know going to more blogger meet-ups is definitely something I want to continue to do (of course I want to meet more of you guys!). So, after meeting for lunch, we went our separate ways. Since I still had some spare time, I had some time to explore the city. So, if you want to see more of my time at Cambridge, I made a quick vlog with some footage I took on the day. I talk about finding beauty in everything and some new exciting plans for my channel. I also went to the local Waterstones (of course) and bought a few of Oliver Sacks’ books – which I will no doubt review in the near future.

So that was my week! Thanks must go again to Maeve for agreeing to meet-up with me and for a wonderful afternoon chat. Please do check out her blog and YouTube channel as they really are brilliant.

Have you been to a blogger meet-up? Have you been to Cambridge before? Comment below!